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DAY    189     Monday    14th     October

Last night was a wild night with very heavy wind squalls and some rain.  I was out later in the evening and rolled the awning in and settled down in relative quiet.  The morning was a lot quieter, however, the wind had gone around some and had turned extremely cold.

With breakfast finished, the phone rang and Derek Hale was asking if I could pick up Denise Green from the other caravan park in town where Tony and Denise had been staying because Tony was to work at the Bathurst race on Sunday.  Derek was supposed to do the pickup but woke with an extremely painful back and unable to raise himself from bed.  This has slowly improved during the day with a lot of help from Dennis Gregory from the Sundowners.

Neil and Kay, along with Denise, went to the main hall for the Opening Ceremony of the muster.  The hall was very full by the time we arrived at the location, and soon began with a local school choir doing some very good work in entertaining the throng.  The choir was followed by the ACC Chairman, Tom Smith, who thanked all for attending and later announced the muster open.  The General Manager of the Mid -Western Regional Council then spoke telling the members of the wonders of his area.  Next was a local Vineyard owner and wine maker who also told us of the great wines available in the shire.

Deb Cohen, the Co-Ordinator for the Muster, then had her chance and told us of all that was available on the programme for the week, including the games and dinner and also a breakfast at 8.00am tomorrow morning.  Next was a raffle draw of the prizes donated by the local Mudgee businesses.  There were lots of them, so I suspect the timetable was a little behind.  Morning tea followed which was also a little bit time consuming.

A visit to the Post Office in Mudgee for expected mail, then a quick call in at the Chemist followed for the Kollmorgens before returning for a late lunch.  Derek had improved enough to be able to be sitting in the sun out of the wind which was good to see.  An Info Section on Legal Issues for Travellers with George Karsai was very interesting and well attended.  Next followed a new game introduced at this muster, called Ladder Golf, it is a very easy but very hard game.  I will not say much about it except to say that my wife, Kay, was good enough to knock me out in the first round. Good luck Kay.

Happy hour was next, then tea.  Then back to the main hall for a great night of entertainment with Vince Pagett and also the Three Tremmors.  That was a terrific evening, thanks fellas.

Now that was a big day.   And yes, bed will be just great.



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