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DAY      104      Sunday     21st      July

We had agreed to a quiet day and once again visited the Information Centre regarding next weeks’ tripping and decided to borrow the key to the local museum.  Called the Wharfinger House, it was the wharf manager’s residence during the busy days of the 1920 and 30s.  We certainly enjoyed an interesting display by the locals and about the early days at Derby. 

Opposite corner to the museum was an old display of rolling stock from the early days of a tram car service out to the pier with export goods such as wool, live sheep and cattle and later a conveyer system was added to speed up the loading of lead and zinc ore bound for boats waiting in the channel.  The boats need to wait in the centre of the channel to allow for tides of up to 11 - 12 metres.

We had planned to eat out at the pier restaurant but decided to purchase take away, Barra and chips.  It was a nice meal although just a little too much for the writer and his wife.

Back to the camp via the fuel station to pick up gas cylinder, then a slow quiet afternoon to relax.

Happy hour was early, as was tea

Note:  Two Road train head-on collision on the Great Northern Highway between Derby and Broome on a single lane bridge.  This has not affected us in any way at the moment, however, later in the week we will need to cross this bridge.   Hopefully it will be cleared by then.

Oh look it is bed time…



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