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DAY       106,   107,   108,   109,   110,   111       23nd – 28th      July

This blog will be a bit different to most of the previous listings, as there have been so many days without internet connection I will just touch on our locations and experiences.

Tuesday   23            Day 106

At Derby Kimberley Entrance C/P we had spent the night alone and away from the rest of the Gypsybusters due to the Clark/Hale trip to the Horizontal Falls, and on waking we began to prepare the van to be put into storage with the other two vans.  The others arrived back around 9.30 am and began preparing to leave for our next adventure, 10.00am departure heading for the Gibb River Road and another National Park at Windjana Camping grounds.  About 3 km short of the camp ground Disaster…. with Kay driving we heard great banging and I realized that we had a puncture.  Tyre was shredded so changed to spare and continued.  Set up tents and had lunch before heading out to Tunnel Creek.  It was a cave that goes right through the mountain, walking in water at times up to our knees.  A very dark and wet experience was had.  

On our return to the camp we had a great photograph opportunity with a magnificent sunset, all this before happy hour and tea.

Wednesday    24      Day      107

Very early get up due to noisy neighbours and after breakfast we made our way back out to the Gibb River Road and headed north to Silent Grove and Bell Gorge.  Did Gorge walk and watched some fools jumping into the water in the ravine.  Returned to Silent Grove for a picnic and after lunch returned to our camp via a fuel stop and did a walk to Windjana Gorge which was very colourful in the afternoon setting sun.  Also we sighted 6 to 8 varying sized crocodiles happily sunning themselves on the river banks.  Just walk up take a picture and walk on.  They were freshies after all. Back to the tents for happy hour, tea and bed.

Thursday      25           Day     108

Early rise again, this time to pack up the camp and return to Derby to have a new tyre fitted and do some food shopping before again collecting the vans and heading out to Roebuck Plains Road house.  Booked into the caravan park area and set up vans and did some washing before happy hour and tea.  Meal eaten we then took to the cars to drive the short distance to Broome to see the “Stairway to the Moon” show, as luck would have it, it was the correct night and full moon to boot.  This stairway is magic to watch as it unfolds, the moon rises; so the stairs descend or ascend whichever way you want to look at it.  Returning to camp for bed.

Friday      26        Day     109

Early, as has become the habit , and also the road noise ( we were camped next to the highway) we packed the vans for storage again and deposited them to the rear of the camp for safe keeping while we are headed for Cape Leveque at the top of the Kimberly Coast.  Our destination is to be Gnylmarung Camp Ground near Middle Lagoon and has beach frontage.  Very pretty views and after setting up the tents we all went for an enjoyable walk along the sand.  We were intrigued by the speed of the out –going tide.  Returning to the tents, and a fire lighted and happy hour and tea, sat around the fire bucket with the roar of the ocean to lull us into sleep.  Nice place, though a little dear considering  no power or water and only just amenities, but the area itself….excellent.

Saturday       27           Day  110

Kay had visited the toilet around 7.00am and came back requesting that we all come quick and look at the water.  The water had just gone, I mean GONE.  The tide had just gone out so far that it was hard to believe that it was the same beach.  After egg and bacon jaffle breakfast, and again in the cars, we all left for the north a bit more.  First stop was One Arm Point where we watched 4 sharks, and a possible sighting of a whale, before continuing to Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, for a look around. Further on we checked out Gambanan Camp Ground before Kooljaman at Cape Leveque where we did a walk to the beach down a large hill and then had to climb steps back up to the Lighthouse and then to the car park where we had our lunch at the cars as this place was busy.  Returning to the Gnyimarung camp we had another look at that amazing tide difference before happy hour and tea and, of course, bed.  Very cosy in the tent.

Sunday       28           Day    111

A little bit of a lay in this morning before egg and bacon breakfast (it is Sunday) and then pack up and do the return trip to the vans at Roebuck  Plains.  A small mix up in communications led to the Hales who were leading become tail end Charlie without seeing either of the other cars, long story, hard to explain.  Connect up to caravans and drive the 33 Km to Broome and book into the Seventh Day Adventist Overflow Caravan Park and re-set up.  There was plenty of washing and cleaning to be done on cars and vans, before happy hour, tea and much typing before bed.



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