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DAY    123      Friday    9th      August

Just a bit slow this morning and after breakfast the two Gypsy members at the Exmouth Lighthouse C/P at present (Hales and Kollmorgens, as the Clarks stayed in Tom Price to go see Hamersley Gorge)  set off to the top of the hill to the Lighthouse again to see last evenings view in daylight.  This daylight view can be so different.  Continuing on we headed South down the Western side of the peninsula to view what was there, and there was plenty to see.

First stop, Jurabi Turtle Centre which was display only as not in season for egg laying, followed by Tantabiddi Boat Ramp, very crowded with trailers spread everywhere, Mangrove Bay and observation bird hide, Milyering Visitors Centre was next where the ladies helped with a few queries before our lowest stop at Mandu Mandu Gorge for a short walk before returning to the Oyster Stacks for lunch.

On the return trip we called in at the remains of the SS Mildura, an early Steam Ship sunk during a storm in 1907 with all aboard saved, except for some cattle that were released to swim ashore.  Our journey then went back into the town and a look around the wharf and the boats moored there before we went to the other side of the marina and found an Australian Institute of Marine Science boat used to collect information regarding ocean movements , temperatures, and any science organisation needing this type of service can hire.  This boat was having an “Open Day” for all to see where our taxes are used.  It was very interesting, from the wet areas at the bottom rear, to the anchor winch and chains at the front, right up to the bridge.  It was quite a presentation and just finished our day off nicely.

We all then returned to camp, and due to the late hour had our tea.   After this, as no happy hour had been held, the Kollmorgens challenged the Hales to a game of Sequence and, of course, one family lost. 


DAY    124     Saturday   10th   August

A normal rise and pack up the vans and after breakfast began our drive to a Budget camp via Coral Bay.  Upon driving into this town it was all so busy, a real hive of activity.  There were lots of activity in the water, lounging on the sand, on the tennis court, just plain walking, and, of course, at the shops.

We did a town walk which included a short walk up to a lookout above the town before driving to the boat launch ramp.  We were all very surprised upon arriving at this bay.  It was just magnificent, in the water colours and coral patches showing under that green/turquoise/blue with slashes of white as waves broke over a reef out a little way out.  It seemed just a perfect spot for a picnic lunch.

Lunch finished, it was decided that a budget stay was not the way to go tonight so off we set to drive the extra 236 Km to Carnarvon after ringing and securing 2 sites for a couple of nights at the Carnarvon Caravan Park.

Vans sited, levelled, awnings rolled out and due to the hour, no happy hour.   Tea followed and as we were feeling a little weary, bed.  After all, there is all day tomorrow not touched yet.



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