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DAY    125        Sunday       11th    August

Sleep in for some, busy washing machine for all.  After breakfast a visit to the Carnarvon Information Centre for some ideas on what to do, where to go.  Before we visited the Info centre we did a town walk which included a walk across a bridge that was originally part of the train system to load ships that were frequently pulling into the port for pickups of live cattle and sheep for export to overseas parts.

Following the advice we received from the Info Centre we drove to the port end of the town to the Small Boat Harbour which is home to the Carnarvon fishing fleet and some twin hull yachts that had the pulse rise just a little by one member of the group.  Then driving to the opposite end of town to the location of the current pier we looked through the lighthouse keepers cottage. This cottage was filled with wonderful items from those long ago years. Also here, for a small charge, we were taken aboard a petrol driven “Train” called the ‘Coffee Pot’, for a trip out the Mile Long Jetty and return.  It really was an enjoyable ride to take.  Returning we had our usual picnic lunch before climbing into an old railway water tank converted to a lookout, then began investigating the contents of a very good museum on the train and its history and a great lot of info on sheep shearing and the life of the shearers during the 1920’s.

Back to the cars and off to Pelican Point and watched a wind surfer out on the water doing his flying on water.  Next stop was a well used swimming hole and bore from which the town got its water early last century.  Continuing  further we went looking for the big dish,  not hard to lose, but a bit hard to find.  This dish is, or was, the first to receive that “A Big step for man, but a giant leap for mankind” message from Neil Armstrong when he … Oh you all know what he did.   The dish has not   been used by anyone since Halleys Comet went through in 1987.  However a museum has been built up around the NASA space program, but unfortunately we were too late to check it out today.

Therefore, after climbing to the dish lookout level, and seeing the area around Carnarvon so well, we walked back down to the cars and began making our way to the supermarket and fuel station before returning to the vans for happy hour and general discussion of activities for tomorrow.

Tea and bed closes Sunday the 11th of August    2013.    



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