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DAY    127      Tuesday    13th   August.

We were up and packing the vans for a big shift.  As reported yesterday we were in an overflow area of sorts and needed to move about 30 metres to our new location.  The caravans are now all set up with water and power, nice and straight and level. 

Having a cuppa and deciding what to see and do for the day.  We headed out to have a look at  St Andrews By the Sea, Anglican Church, which had been built in 1954 from Shark Bays unique Shell Blocks which have been fossilised over lots of years and can be up to 10 Metres deep in the ground where they are cut into blocks and used just like bricks.  This makes a very different type of look. Next stop was the Caltex SS as Kollmorgens required a gas refill.

The town lookout was our next stop and much camera work was done here, before we moved on to Eagle Bluff where the WA Government has built a terrific boardwalk for visitors to gain all the views possible.  A bit of 4 X 4 sand track driving followed this and a walk along the beach.  Next stop was at Ocean Park which has an Aquarium but not of much interest to we lot.

Continuing back toward the camp we stopped at Little Lagoon for a picnic lunch and watched a kite surfer do his tricks before we again went on the sand to try to locate the connecting river from the lagoon to the sea.  After driving as far as we could we began to walk along tracks which were very deep sand that made walking hard work.  We eventually found the creek and a notice board advised it had been there for four thousand years, so it just made us look a bit slow.

Went back into the main street of Denham and did another mini town walk before a small purchase from the IGA before returning back to the Shark Bay camp for happy hour and tea.  Oh yeah.  Bed.



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