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DAY   128     Wednesday     14th    August

Very early morning as we are off to see the dolphins at Monkey Mia and are expected to be there at about 7.30am.  It is 28 Km from Denham so early rise, dress, breakfast and drive it was.  Cleared the van park by 7.15am and drove the few Km to the Monkey Mia site and stood around until about 8.00am, when a ranger announced that they were waiting to see approx’ how many dolphin might be expecting their breakfast.  After some time the crowd, of about 140, were told to move down to the beach and wait out of the water for the dolphins to arrive.  During this wait there had been up to six dolphins swimming happily around the beach area.

At last we were given the go ahead to move ankle deep into the water.  Well; the Kollmorgens baulked at that idea… 8.00am and cold water on feet do not gel, do they?  The Kolls moved up onto the pier to watch the Hales stand knee deep in cold water, complete with ice cubes, for the best part of an hour watching about 12 people feed 4 dolphins.  It was not that bad, quite enjoyable actually, especially watching the water standers attempting to get circulation back into feet.

A cup of coffee was next on the list and this done we looked for our next activity.  Derek being an old salt fella was wandering down the pier looking at the sailing boats and came back all excited about a two for one deal on a yacht cruise onthe Aristocat 2, to do a 2.5 hour trip out on Shark Bay to the Blue Lagoon Pearl farm, which is a floating factory on the bay, and then on to the fishing grounds to try to locate Dugongs (a large shark sized mammal that he had seen recently).  Of course, there were dolphins all along the trip where Chris (the Skipper) would throw the boat into a tight circle, or skip sideways or backwards, to follow the dolphins for us to photograph.  It really was a great trip, unexpected and cheap also.  Great time had by all aboard.

Returning to the pier we ate our lunch and headed back to Denham, but stopped off at an old sheep station ( Peron Homestead ) now owned and run by the WA National Park Service  as the Francois Peron National Park which covers 52,500 Hectares and takes all of the land of the northern tip of the Peron Peninsula.

Continuing the trip to the camp we fuelled the cars and did a little bit of tomorrows pack up before Happy Hour and Tea.        Bed is to follow soon.



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