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DAY      129        Thursday    15th    August

The group departed the Shark Bay Caravan Park at Denham by 9.00am and drove toward the highway, stopping first at the Shell Beach.  This beach is made entirely of shells and it is reported to be up to 10 metres deep.  This product is worked and sold as shell grit amongst other products.  Next stop was at Hamelin Pool which included the Old Telegraph Station,  a Shell Block quarry and also is the only site in Australia, and one of very few sites worldwide, where Stromatolites are able to survive.  Google Stromatolites for more info on this.  We had a cuppa here before heading off further south.

It was a big afternoon in terms of Kms as we travelled over 300 of them to reach a budget camp at Galena Bridge which was quite tidy and quiet during the night.  We did have a drizzle of rain go through which interrupted happy hour a little.  This was the first rain we had seen since the day we left Mount Isa on May 22nd.   Not a bad record, almost 3 months with no rain.  It seems a pity about the people who needed it where we were.   With happy hour cut short and light rain falling we had tea and had an early night in bed.


DAY    130        Friday     16th      August


As we were in a budget camp we had very little to pack up and therefore left the camp by 9.00am, and with only about 90 Kms to drive to Kalbarri, we had an easy morning.  Sites had been booked for the two vans at the Kalbarri Tudor (no relation to Rob) and we were soon set up on our sites.  Kollmorgens then walked to a local shopping strip for some bread for lunch.

Hales meantime had a caravan clean up and after lunch we all headed out for the Information Centre to check what was to be done, and where, in the area.  A town walk followed until we came to a caravan park the Hales thought was a possibility for some people from home to be sited at. After enquiring at the reception they went to visit while the Kollmorgens continued their town and beach walk.  An enjoyable walk along the sand was had and two lookouts were visited before turning for the camp.

Hales also returned to the camp before happy hour and as it became a little cool, it was decided to get tea over and bed.   Tomorrow we start our exploration of the Kalbarri area. 



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