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DAY    132      Sunday      18th    August

It was terrific to see all those happy faces at Castlemaine yesterday on Skype.

Today we needed to finish the list of things to do we had been offered from the Info centre earlier, so without a lot to do we did not get away from the Kalbarri Tudor C/P till about 10.00am, and then we headed for the Kalbarri National Park and its host of gorge and river walks at the east end.  The west end of the park could not be accessed due to road works that had closed the road.  Only problem with this closure was that the road was still open to a couple of local tour companies.  I will say no more on this subject.

The list of places we could visit, and did, this morning was Ross Graham Lookout and walked down to the Murchison River among so many rocks.  Next stop was just a few Kms further into the park and was Hawks Head which was a magnificent view of the Murchison again.  A cup of tea was had between these two points of interest.

Leaving the Hawks Head and on the return journey we stopped at Murchison House, an old station still in use but accepting campers as is the norm.  We continued back through Kalbarri to the south side to our next stop, that of Red Bluff Beach which was a bay with a complete rock base and some dolphins swimming by.

Lunch was then had at the picnic area of the Rainbow Jungle, a very large private collection of every colour imaginable in parrots.  Aviaries have been designed, and built, to best display around 100 different varieties of parrots from Australia and overseas.  There was the largest free flight aviary in the country and the biggest flock of Purple Crowned Lorikeets.  Water features and stained glass windows, black, red, yellow and white tailed Cockatoos and some colourful Blue and Gold South American Macaw.  Who has seen Bluey?

On our return to the camp the diesel pump was the next stop before Happy Hour and Tea before bed.  Tomorrow we will be continuing southward.



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