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DAY    135     Wednesday      21st      August

The day started with beautiful sunshine and calm, although a little cool.  With breakfast finished the Kollmorgens washed the front of the van using just a bucket and rag.  However, it certainly looks a lot better not being pink anymore.  When the lot of us were ready we set off for the Geraldton Museum and were suitably impressed with their displays.  I was very saddened by the HMAS Sydney display which explained the battle in everyday terms that horrified me.  There was, of course, a lot more to see.  The museum was divided into 4 sections:   1  The ship wreck coast.  2 The general history of Geraldton and surrounds.  3  HMAS Sydney disaster.   and 4 a special display on Australia’s involvement in Timor during WW2.

Derek and Gwen left a little earlier and checked out the new Geraldton Marina and then returned to C/P for lunch followed soon after by the Kollmorgens.   Lunch over, we all set out driving to see where the road went.  Found some nice beaches and views before returning to town to do some last minute shopping.  Derek then refitted his freezer into the car removed when car was being serviced, while Kollmorgens spent some time on the back wall of the van with the bucket and rag.  It is very clean now.  Happy Hour was held at the Kolls camp and tea was had before coffee at the Hales.

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the Hales and  Kollmorgens are going their own ways tomorrow, so Kay and Neil take this opportunity to thank Martin and Rita, Bruce and Virginia, and especially Gwen and Derek, for the experiences we have enjoyed over the last 135 days.

Special thanks is to be given to Derek for his gigantic effort in the planning and arranging of this wonderful opportunity we have had, and also all the everyday organising of site bookings and what of tomorrow and the day after that.

 THANKS HEAPS  Derek.         



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