Notes from the Board January 2017

Notes from the Board

January 2017


Chairman’s update

by Craig Humphrey, Chair

Hi and Happy New Year to you all!

Well the year is no more than 3 weeks old and your Board and Club officials have already been hard at work on 2 major initiatives.  

Our deputy Chairman Tom, Board member Graham and wife Kaye Christie, and policy team members Graeme Tree and John Snell have been leading the Club’s first move into working directly with local government on the needs and wants of the RV traveller. Tom has worked tirelessly with the Liverpool Plains Shire Council for over a year through RVSTAY.  Now the Club has conducted 3 workshops with local business in the Shire. This is a significant milestone and has been an outstanding success - more on this later in the Notes.

There has also been a great effort by members Dennis Carstairs and Derek Hale in supporting a community policing initiative in Victoria.  The members attended two days of government agencies working on the highway with passing RVers on unit weights and other matters. The results were outstanding and thanks to Dennis and Derek for both supporting and professionally representing the Club in what I think might have much broader implications for road safety in the future.

As active, has been the response to the initial 2017 Chairman's Muster in Kingaroy from 9 March 2017 to 14 March 2017.  I have received over 80 expressions of interest to date. I luckily have a great support team and thanks to ACC member Terry Ryan for offering and providing great assistance to me over the last 3 months. For those who have contacted me, you should now have received a registration form so we can confirm numbers and commit to the businesses that we are supporting in and around Kingaroy. There is still plenty of time to register but I do encourage members to get in quick.

You may have noticed a new catch cry that that has been slowly released through your Board and Club Officials - Australian Caravan Club…where Friendships and Adventure begin

I have previously mentioned that your Board has been working on some exciting initiatives to be launched this year.  The slogan for a major initiative resulted from the Futures Forum work at the National Muster and a workshop staged in December where your directors and a number of Club officials worked on a campaign style approach to marketing and membership for this year. The slogan above seeks to engage existing and new members to make the most from our Club. Further details of the initiative will be released in March, although sneak previews have been available through a number of Facebook postings over the last 3-4 weeks.

On this it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the effort from your Marketing and Communications Director - Lynne Friis - for the outstanding efforts she has been making to improve the style, content and frequency of information available through the Website and Facebook page. This is being noticed in the industry where the Chief Executive of the Caravan Council of Australia - Colin Young recently commented - "I must compliment the ACC on its excellent informative website and its activities."  The impact is also being noticed through the Facebook page where Lynne and the page administrator Jenny Beausang have worked some magic and increased our followers from 500 to over 1500 in less than 5 months. The Club is being noticed.

To further cement this and support members in accessing benefits from RV related businesses your Board has engaged Kim Gladman for 12 months to work on enhancing our contact and support to you and the suppliers.

So in this short period there has been activity all over Australia and we are truly a club for all RV's.

So as always please remember that the strength of the Club is in its members and till next time, travel safely.

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