UHF 18/40 Caravan Stickers now available for purchase

When was the last time you had a look at our Club Shop Catalogue.

Well check it out because the updated product listing now includes the UHF 18/40 van sticker. Inclusion of this item is a result of numerous requests from our membership.

The majority of our members tune to Ch 18 when travelling in a group or Tag-a-Long but with the push to establish a better relationship with the trucking industry we should also be monitoring Ch 40 (the Truckies channel) when we travel the countryside.

Check out your CB radio to see if it has a suitable scanning function so both channels can be monitored. Alternatively many members purchase a small hand-held CB to monitor CH40. Either way it is important that caravanners ‘advertise’ on the back of their van they have a UHF radio and the channels they are monitoring.


Details: Size 340mm X 200mm, Cost $15.00, Postage $3.00 for up to 4 stickers in the same order.”