Welcome to Pamper Paws

We welcome Pamper Paws Dog Spa to our Member benefits program.

In 2017, Pamper Paws opened, providing Blayney NSW with quality dog grooming services.  Pamper Paws relocated to Mackay QLD in January 2020.

Meagan regularly attends grooming seminars to stay up to date with grooming styles, equipment and products.  She also completes at dog grooming competitions around the country.

Pamper Paws Dog Spa are offering touring ACC members a 10% discount off any Grooming Service and free Doggy Day care with all grooming services

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After founding and running the Warrnambool Ukulele Group for six years, the three of us, Annie, Judith and Kevin decided it was time to let others have a chance to takeover. Already we had a three-piece group playing sixties music (Guitar, Bass and Drums).  We kept playing our Ukuleles every week at home, trying out new ways of interpreting songs.  While playing around with different tunes we produced a song to celebrate Annie’s Kazoo; namely, “Dirty Girdy”.  Hence the name of the group.  From there we created more songs.

We noticed most music ignored issues from ‘third age’ people, ie those heading to retirement or past middle age.  Why not pen some songs about them?  Why not produce The Grey Album? Thus, began our task of listening to our friends discussing issues that faced them in their daily lives.  Sometimes we could use humour or make satirical comment.  For example, being grandparents inspired “Only Passing Through” and ownership of caravans gave us “Grey Nomad”.  Other times the issues required us to celebrate.  For instance, “I Still Love You” and “Still Romance”.  There were times we developed songs about life processes like “Retiring” and “Downsizing”.  At other times we couldn’t shy away from the plight of friends where songs required more pathos like “Ageing Blues” or occasionally mixed with humour like “Mobile Society”.  

Knowing the Ukulele is popular with ‘third age’ people we used different styles (country blues, contemporary folk, rhythm and blues, and reggae) to demonstrate the Ukulele’s potential for a variety of rhythmic patterns.  It's been a steep learning curve; writing songs, arranging them, having them recorded, getting the CD cover designed and reproduced and learning a range of computer programs to build websites, produce videos etc.  

It continues to be fun playing Ukulele and constantly learning new techniques.  Like anything practice makes perfect.  We are a long way from perfect, but we will seek to keep on improving our Ukulele playing.  Look for us on YouTube, Facebook and our website www.dirtygirdy.net .


Ingham QLD

We welcome Ingham Park to our Member benefits program.

We are conveniently situated just 3kms south of fascinating Ingham with its Italian heritage and fields of sugar cane. We are the closest caravan park to Tyto Wetlands, Wallaman Falls, Mt Fox Crater and Broadwater National Park. Our location is centralised to visit historic Halifax, Hinchinbrook Island, nearby beaches, Jourama Falls, Crystal Creek and Paluma.

We have spacious drive thru shady caravan and camping sites, self-contained air-conditioned units, a shaded saltwater pool, a camp kitchen and many other features.

From Fisherman, Bird Watchers, to Sightseers we have got something for everybody. 

Located on the Bruce Highway Qld.    A link of our park? https://youtu.be/Cydox8JTASQ

To those who may be travelling to the Chairman’s Muster the offer is also for travellers before and after the muster.

Ingham Tourist Park are offering touring ACC members a discount off Powered & Non-Powered Sites as well as specials

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