Perth Show Success

Published: 24 March 2016 24 March 2016

Surprises at the RAC Perth Caravan and Camping Show
With 28 volunteers rostered as per their requests, everything was on track to run smoothly in the ACC stand.
On set up day, our first surprise – our outdoor marquee was full of unwanted furniture.  After checking with the Show Office, George and I proceeded ‘to relocate’ the furniture next door.  We had already worked up quite a sweat without even starting our own setup.
The next day, I decided that we needed a little ‘something extra’ to attract attention to our stand.  The balloons were blown up by Liz and Bruce, and then hung out front.  After a short time, there was a bang, then another, and another, and so on.  It was an attraction all right – every balloon had popped, and all passers by definitely knew where the ACC stand was.
My biggest surprise of all, was how many talented sale people we have in our Perth membership.  As I was on duty for the five days, I observed all the different styles of selling our Club.  From June’s invitation to ‘please sit down and have a rest”  (then she had them like putty in her hands), to Roz and Yvonne’s ‘smooth operator’ styles.  All the boys held their own as well, from Bruce and Graeme’s gentle persuasion to take a brochure, to Scotty and Otto’s ‘how ya going mate’.  All 28 of our volunteers were just fabulous!!
It was a successful show, with 22 new members, and 103 expressions of interest to be followed up.
The best thing of all, was that we all had a lot of fun to boot!
Thank you to all my volunteers, who did a terrific job, and to Maria and Lorraine for their help and support before and during the Show.