Sydney Tolls Update

Published: 03 February 2020 03 February 2020

Yesterday representatives from RV Clubs of Australia Limited (RVCAL) including the ACC met with the Office of the NSW Minister for Transport on a number of matters including Toll charges for RV’s travelling through Sydney. The following advice has been received regarding a grace period that RV travellers may be eligible for a toll credit -

Are you aware that if you have travelled through Sydney using a toll way since August 2019 you MAY be eligible for a toll credit. ACC received information yesterday that improvements in roadside measurement technology has meant more consistent classifications and charging across toll roads in Sydney. As classifications are determined by vehicle measurements, towed vehicles and caravans may have been impacted by these changes. 

In NSW, the class of your vehicle, along with the distance you travel, determines the tolls you pay. Class is determined by vehicle dimensions and recent improvements in roadside technology has improved the way we detected these measurements. A vehicle’s total measurements includes any towed vehicles, such as trailers, caravans and boats. If you travel with one of these vehicles, your classifications may have been impacted and you might have experienced an increase in your toll road charges as a result. A toll credit for the difference between a Class B and Class A may be available if this impacts you.

Eligibility: To be eligible for a toll credit, you must:

Linkt have advised via their website that they have proactively notified customers expected to be impacted by these changes, however some may not have received the advice. The “grace” period is until 29 February 2020, so act now, by calling them direct 13 33 31For full details

The ACC is proud to be member of RVCAL. Originally established in 2007, and formerly known as MoTOURing Australia, it aims to ensure the best legal and political representation can be achieved on behalf of its members.

The organisations that come together to form RVCAL potentially represent more than 710 ,000 recreational vehicles, that is roughly 1.3 million consumers, in a market that is increasingly growing. This figure embodies a substantial majority of our domestic RV tourist and the extended drive tourism market in Australia.

The four organisations that make up RVCAL are: