The ‘Truck Friendly’ program is the brainchild of Ken Wilson. Ken is an active caravanner. We are also pleased to say he is an ACC member. The program is designed to help all drivers understand how they can be friendly to the huge number of truck drivers on our highways so that we all get home safely. In July 2019 the Australian Caravan Club and Ken Wilson signed a Memorandum Of Understanding to work together to enhance and promote the program within our Club. ACC members wishing to participate in the program may apply for a ‘Truck Friendly’ sticker subject to the following;

The stickers are designed to show drivers following that you :- 

  1. Have a UHF radio fitted and turned on. No UHF – NO Sticker.  
  2. Have read and understand the driving guides on the Truck Friendly website .To locate these guides, go to the website navigation bar at the top of the Truck Friendly page and select ‘MORE’. You will find many of these guides have also been summarised in the Truck Friendly Program flyer which is also available for download.
  3. You want to help other drivers and are friendly and cooperative.

Unless you tick all the above you do not qualify for a sticker. The large green stickers should be placed in the upper rear, driver’s side, of your RV or caravan. By placing all stickers in approximately the same location it makes them much easier to recognise from a distance.

Check out Ken’s Facebook page Truck Friendly for more tips and updates on the Program.

The initial batch of stickers will be made available to branch representatives at the Warrnambool National Muster. Following the National Muster, Branch members who meet the above guidelines and wish to participate may approach their branch committee representative for a Truck Friendly sticker. At this time the stickers are provided free and there is no cost to participate in the program. At a future date arrangements will be made for non-branch members to also obtain these stickers.

How to apply the (large) Truck Friendly sticker.

The following advice is provided to assist members when they go about applying the large (300mm) Truck Friendly sticker to the back of their RV :-