Bridge Warning

All over Australia there are obstacles waiting to wreck our travelling.  It is up to every one of us to stay alert and protect ourselves.

Here is some information sent in to us by a very concerned member (this is one of many bridges in Australia).

Nearly every week a caravanner loses their airconditioner by trying to go under the low level railway bridge on Garroorigang St which is between Goulburn and Braidwood NSW.

Here is a picture of the sign on the southern side of the  entrance to the bride but the bridge entrance is around the corner (see 2nd photo) so you don’t see how low it is until you turn the corner at the bridge. I assume many people who keep going past the 2.7 m sign are hoping they will fit under the bridge rather than face trying to back up around an uphill bend.

This low level bride is on the route the GPS will take you if you are leaving the Hume Highway at Goulburn to go towards the coast or vice-versa.

Here is also a picture taken 2 weeks ago of a brand new van that did not make it and the evidence on the ground from yesterday that yet another van did not make it!

My partner, David House is a member of your club.  He helped the owners of the caravan by storing and tarping their van until it could be patched up for safe return to their home in Sydney. 

It was their first trip in it!  They have told us it will take 6 months to be repaired.  The roof was caved in so we expect the damage will exceed $25k so they are fortunate the van was insured.

Editors note:

I have found it useful to measure the height of my caravan (including air con) and put a small label on the top driver side of the windscreen as a reminder. When approaching a low bridge, check label against sign.

Remember, when going under a bridge the caravan is not level and will be higher then it is when on a flat surface,

If it is close, get your passenger (if you have one) to stand outside whilst you drive SLOWLY under the bridge.

If you are on your own, you may want to jump out for a quick check as you are about to enter the bridge.