Well, we have now concluded our term as National Muster Co-ordinators, and passed the baton on to Tom to organise Bingara.

From the summary we've made of the Feedback Forms, it appears that most people had a good time. A couple of comments (and obvious from who they came from) made us laugh! - "you can't please all of the people all of the time".

One of the real positives that came from our muster, is that we believe the Greater Shepparton Council will now be prepared to put a Dump Point in Shepparton, which the locals have been lobbying for, for many years.

We're sorry the Trade Area was sparse, but three Traders let us down at the last minute, and others said they were going to a 'bigger' rally - (probably thought to be more commercial for them).

We apologise for the power outages, and sorry if we did not specifically mention your Branch donations that were made for Raffles and Spot Prizes.

Thank you to all Branch members that gave us assistance, it was really appreciated.

A reminder, that the Agricultural Society would like you all, when on your travels, to take a photo of the little cow (that was in your Welcome pack) from distant and exotic places, and send the photo to them on face-book.

Don't worry, be happy!

Susan & Derek Smith.

10th National ACC Muster Co-ordinators.