New Assistance Program for Major Compliance and Safety Defects

The Caravan Council of Australia (CCA) has notified the Australian Caravan Club (ACC) that it ‘is introducing a professional engineering and legal assistance program to help owners of caravans and camper-trailers who have serious unresolved technical problems with their vehicle.’ 

CCA has instructed the ACC that the service ‘is available only for alleged Major Defects involving Compliancing and Safety…where discussions with the Supplier have failed to satisfactorily resolve the issues.’

CCA has requested complainants to complete a Complaint Form and email it to the CCA together with photos.  The CCA state that the Complaint will be confidentially examined ‘by an independent professional experienced engineer, and an accredited solicitor -  without cost - to determine whether any legal action is likely to favourably resolve the issue(s), and what the indicative costs would be for:

  • such action, by a Letter of Demand and
  • with appropriate action, if necessary.’

CCA state that an indicative cost ‘for a simple basic Letter of Demand is around $400 - $500 (+ GST).’

CCA further state that ‘If the Claim is deemed to be justified, and likely to be satisfactorily resolved, the Solicitor will provide a completely-free – without any obligation whatsoever – initial telephone discussion, for up to 20 minutes!’

ACC members with serious unresolved issues with their RVs can contact ACC Acting Chairman Tom Smith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

‘The ACC is very concerned about compliance and safety issues,’ said Mr Smith.  ‘Our Club has been making serious representations to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia on behalf of our members who have genuine major defect issues with their RV manufacturers.’

‘A copy of the CCA Complaint form is available for our members upon request,’ Mr Smith said.